Photo of Julia Campins and Hillary Benham-Baker.  Photo Credit:   D eF-Stop Photography

Photo of Julia Campins and Hillary Benham-Baker.

Photo Credit:  DeF-Stop Photography

At Campins Benham-Baker, we take our role as client  advocates extremely seriously.  Our goal is to have happy clients, not only when we arrive at their destination (the end of the case) but throughout the journey. When a client comes to us, he or she is often in a very difficult situation.  We view as a crucial part of our job to help them resolve the legal problems, but also to relieve the burden along the way.  

Here is what some of our former clients have to say: 

--"In legal roulette, I won the jackpot because I had Julia Campins as my lawyer.  Terrified at my first deposition, Julia gave me solid legal advice and lots of support.  So, of course, we were successful."

--“I was fortunate to be represented by Hillary Benham-Baker and appreciate more than I can put into words the support, dedication, care, attention, and satisfaction I received from the her representation. Hillary answered questions quickly and reassured me every step  in the process.  The lawsuit was cumbersome on me, with Hillary I often felt at ease and knew that I had made the right choice in stepping up and blowing the whistle.  Hillary is an advocate, one that I am lucky enough to have had on my side.”

--"Hillary provided me with invaluable counseling in a time-sensitive matter.  She was very responsive, understood my concerns, and helped me negotiate important points that I would not have considered without her advice.  Most important, she was genuinely kind and caring during a very difficult and unpleasant time for me."

--“Working with Campins Benham-Baker was a great decision. I called Ms. Benham-Baker practically hysterical and she very firmly outlined to me that I was being harassed and offered me some options. It was the reality check I needed: I went from being harassed to understanding my situation and feeling like I had someone on my side. Hillary has a strong sense of ethics and justice. She was clearly on my side and her emotional support on top of her legal defense is really what made the difference to me.  Hillary was extremely kind during all of our work together. When I visited her and Ms. Campins in their office, I appreciated the kind and friendly atmosphere.”

 --“I am so thankful that Julia and Hillary were referred to me as attorneys that could help me with some trouble I was having with my previous employer. They handled my case with excellence and compassion, assuring me that they would be with me through every step. Going through any kind of legal trouble can be daunting, confusing, and scary. With Julia and Hillary's diligence and perseverance, we were triumphant in our case. Not only were they professional and proactive throughout this process, but they were kind and caring as well. They believed in my case and worked extremely hard to bring me justice. I can't imagine having better attorneys in my corner.”

 --"Having been active in the labor movement for more than 35 years, and having worked with labor and employment attorneys across the United States, I can say with complete confidence and satisfaction that Julia Campins, and the Campins Benham-Baker firm, are second to none.  A combination of sharp intellect and keen legal analysis, steadfast pursuit of timely and substantive responses, and an unwavering commitment to me, her client, resulted in an unparalleled successful settlement.  Whenever I need the best legal advice, I will dial Campins Benham-Baker directly."

--"After a significant physical and psychological head injury, the insurance company carrying my disability insurance did everything they could to avoid standing up to their contract to provide benefits. After interviewing many lawyers, I was most impressed with Julia's candid input and honest desire to help beyond a fee. I am still fighting these people and will say with conviction, Julia is very much on my side and knows how to deal with this type of harassment by these insurance companies. I highly respect and recommend Julia in any issue with ERISA and other injury benefit battles."

--"Within an hour of me contacting Julia Campins she was there for me, fighting my corner. In a corporate layoff, I came out on top because I had Julia. I am so grateful to Julia for the confidence she gave me to fight back and win. It wasn't me vs the big corporation, it was Julia and I together. I unequivocally recommend Julia."

--“My heartfelt gratitude to you and your colleagues for your compassionate and expert counsel on my severance agreement.  It helped me move from a place of feeling vulnerable to one where I had a sense of control.  I feel like I am on solid ground and have optimism for whatever is next”


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