It is never easy to stand up against injustice or corruption in your workplace.  It is even more distressing when you are targeted for retaliation because you did what was right.  Unfortunately, whistleblower retaliation happens all too frequently.  Campins Benham-Baker attorneys have represented clients in whistleblower retaliation cases for years and are happy to discuss your situation with you in a free consultation.  There are many different state and federal laws that may protect you as a whistleblower and each of them has different requirements (and even offer different definitions of the term “whistleblower”).  These laws also have different statutes of limitation and other procedural requirements. 

We also advise employees before they “blow the whistle” on the best way to make the report, best practices for protecting themselves as whistleblowers, and what to expect afterwards. 

If you feel you have a whistleblower claim, contact Campins Benham-Baker today.

Please note that any discussion of prior results does not guarantee a similar outcome.