Getting laid off is a stressful and difficult experience.  Often, employees who have been laid off are offered severance packages which include severance agreements.  Severance agreements are contracts between the employer and employee that set forth the terms of a termination and usually release the employer from legal liability arising from the employment relationship.  Although these agreements are usually presented by HR as a “take-it-or-leave-it” proposition, there is often room for negotiation.  At the very least, we counsel clients not to sign such agreements without speaking to an attorney first.  These agreements can hide terms that sign away important rights and often contain unreasonable provisions. 

Sometimes you just want to know that you are getting a fair shake and that you are not signing away a right that you will later regret.  Other times, there are more serious issues under the surface of what your employer claims is a “reduction in force.”  The Campins Benham-Baker attorneys have assisted numerous employees from a variety of industries in providing advice, counseling, and negotiating with employers over severance agreements.

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