Having it our way

By Julia

Last week, Judge William Alsup approved the settlement in Vallabhapurpau v. Burger King.  Although this was not a Campins Benham-Baker case, I did spend much of the last 5 years litigating it and its predecessor, while I was at Lewis Feinberg.  Particularly satisfying were Judge Alsup's words at the hearing:  

[H]ere counsel did a superb job for the benefit of the class. . . . And I want to say that I don't know how many class actions I've seen.  We get a lot of class actions.  But the counsel on both sides in this case have performed at a level that is exemplary for both sides in the conduct of class actions.  So I wish there were some way to duplicate this level and quality of practice and make it mandatory in all the other cases.  But I compliment both sides, and I thank you.

I am flattered that Judge Alsup said such kind words about a team I was a part of and, with respect to my cocounsel (Fox & Robertson, Lewis Feinberg, and Mari Mayeda), I couldn't agree more.

Congrats to everyone involved.  Hopefully, more companies will take note of their decades-old obligations to provide equal access to all.