Getting Sandberged: Leaning In, and Getting Pushed Down

Some of us have read Lean In.  Almost everyone has heard about it.  Most of us have an opinion.  Regardless of what you think of Sheryl Sandberg’s advice, however, CBB has noticed a growing, disturbing trend among our current and potential clients.  A young, confident, competent woman decides to try to follow Ms. Sandberg’s advice and she asks for a raise.  Maybe she puts it in explicitly gender-based terms (“I want to be paid the same as my male colleagues.”) or maybe she doesn’t (“I think I deserve $X).  The next thing this woman knows, she’s been kicked out the door.  We’re calling it “Getting Sandberged.”  She has leaned in, and she has been pushed down.  Have you seen this trend?  Have you experienced this trend?  If so, let us know.